Can A Dream Reveal Innocence
Some animals are known to be symbols of purity and, that’s why the Unicorn can be used to paint a picture of purity and integrity. Most individuals have gone to jail because there weren’t enough facts to prove their innocence even when they are not guilty. Some animals have been used for decades to reflect a situation of honesty, especially when the situation looks complex to understand.

The Unicorn is a dignified creature that looks physically clean and neat. You can’t see this creature in any dirty location; they value their color and will do everything possible to remain neat. The Unicorn can be described as the cleanest animals you can ever find in any wildlife park. A dream about the legendary animal can reveal a lot, especially when it involves an issue of trust and to prove that you’re honest.

White has a significant color that

Three major features of the Unicorn can help you understand what your dream means. This feature is rare to come by and only a few individuals can possess such qualities. Animals have their unique characteristic but, there are others will rare behavior. The Unicorn has many such rare features. The Unicorn is known to have different beautiful colors, the most common type is white and blue-sky color.

White has a significant color that is often associated with purity or sanctification. That’s why catholic priests will always dress in a white garment. This attire reflects the state of their mind otr their closeness to God. Unicorn doesn’t just appear to anybody, some myths claimed the Unicorn is a mysterious animal that is often used as a spiritual messenger to deliver a message. Those with a clean heart are always privileged to see this beautiful creature in their dream.

Can A Dream Reveal Innocence

It is widely known that any creature with two heads is a beast, the Unicorn has just a single-pointed horn that looks sharp and pointed. This is probably not to cause any harm but, for self-defensive purposes. A dream about a Unicorn symbolizes you are going to receive some good news or a gift. The creature has never been associated with any stuff that is evil because of their gentle appearance.

Another feature of the Unicorn is that they can fight to defend others. The animal can attach you with its horn if it realizes your mission is to cause harm and destruction. That’s why those who dream of this animal can be assured of their protection and defense no matter the situation. The Unicorn has a caring attitude, you can always see them eating together, this may not be the case with others when they notice an intruder, they’ll take to their heels with whatever they may have. With the Unicorn, that is not the case, no matter how little the food can be they will share it with their friends. A dream about the Unicorn can also reveal that the person may need some changes in his lifestyle. It could that you have to examine yourself to ensure there are no traces of character threads just like the Unicorn.

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