Bizarre Dreams of Marijuana
Dreaming about marijuana in a dark scenario is alarming, but it could turn out different when creating a new reality of that dream. Like a wizard wielding a wand for magic, we could also sprinkle dust for unlimited wishes. The only subconscious activity that makes someone happy more than being conscious, while thinking of million reasons what to do in that vision, marijuana on the table. There are various interpretations of marijuana, but they are not good for the ears since its implications are too personal and may offend a person.

Just thinking about the prospect, we become more curious about the things people experienced that we did not. That curiosity may be envisioned in dreams instead of actuality because marijuana is illegal. When it reaches the subconscious domain, that is the cue that is not just curiosity but also an obsession. Awareness is a ticket of knowledge imminent to the discovery of the essence of the subject, whether in a dream or reality.

One plausible reason we dream could

The Interpretations depend on what happened in the dream and whether the marijuana was used or not. There must be a deliberate action before the awakening. Awareness of the matter makes us curious about the negative and positive implications, especially when it is related to committing a crime. Being overwhelmed by the implications makes us constantly wonder. The inner self is asking, "do you know the feeling of taking marijuana?"

One plausible reason we dream could be a significant connection of a family member or a friend who got influenced by marijuana. It is enough reason to invoke a concern to them, especially when worry is projected through a dream visualizing the ruination of your friend's life by marijuana. It will plant seeds of hatred that the mind will not forget.

Bizarre Dreams of Marijuana

The dream of marijuana is a rare thing. Of all possible visions, there could be a story from the past about drugs-related. A warning that we could encounter intense situations in life as we begin to contemplate possible defense mechanism reactions. Hallucinations about marijuana rarely happen for innocent people since they are far from its influence. The beauty of dreaming of such drugs, however, a dream is still just a dream. If we are sane enough to distinguish what is real, it won't be an unnecessary problem.

Every horror that happened in a nightmare does not have the power to happen in reality. The small details of a marijuana dream are fun to reminisce, especially when we were creative enough to paint the dream with hilarity. Absurd instances would have happened in that dream that is too unbelievable if it is true in reality. It cannot be altered into reality and be accepted as an extraordinary phenomenon. There are other reasons why we dream such bizarre instances, like watching movies related to marijuana which contributed to why the dream evoked. The use of marijuana can make the individual addict, resulting in hallucinations or nightmares whenever not provided. The latter is possible, real talk, especially if the man is high on drugs.

Dreams are not self-invoked, and it is impossible to plan what to dream while conscious otherwise, it becomes imagination. The compass that led to dreaming marijuana might relate to the actuality, but it does not direct assumptions that dreamer is completely part of it. When we visualize ourselves taking marijuana in a dream, do we want to wake up because that is illegal, or do we continue doing it to gratify curiosity? By dreaming of it, we found ourselves asking questions that we would have never encounter in real life because of being innocent. A quick self-introspection of our possible actions would provide insight into it. The dream raised awareness of its detrimental consequences on human life or perhaps a duty to spread awareness.

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