Angels in My Mind
As a child, you may have heard a lot about angels. There is a popular prayer that has been taught to children before they sleep and you may be familiar with it as well. They are usually described as beautiful winged creatures who were sent by God to watch over little children. You may have probably heard of stories such as an infant falling off his crib but miraculously survived without a scratch. It is often believed that an angel was there to catch him.

So, what does it mean when angels appear in your dream? Angels appearing in dreams is a good thing, right? After all, angels symbolize all good things such as holiness and heavenly. Anything that comes from heaven is a blessing that brings pure bliss. You can look through articles on the meanings of different dreams about angels. Some had even interpretations depending on how the angels appear in your dream. It varies according to their color, appearance, number and even their facial expressions can have meanings too. Some say that when an angel appears to you with its clothes and wings in all glorious white, it conveys inner peace. So if you have been feeling troubled in your life lately, dreaming about this kind of angel would be most welcome.

The number of angels appearing in

Angels can appear colorful too in your dreams to bring a message of happiness into your life. They appear to bring comfort especially when you are troubled. Others might interpret colorful angels as something you might receive in the future such as inheritance, promotion and money. However, when the angels appear in black, then this serves as a warning. You need to take some measures to safeguard yourself and be wary of your surroundings.

The number of angels appearing in your dream can also have interpretations. If there are more angels that appear, it could mean that a relative may bequeath you with something important. Some say if you dream of one angel entering your home, then you are on your way to prosperity. More than one angel in your dream is a sign that you are well protected. Pay attention too to what the angels were holding when you dreamt of them. If is a book or scroll, they say it could depict a clearer picture of the future.

If the angel's expression in your

A sword means there is a battle within your inner soul such as indecisiveness. If it is an olive branch or a dove, then it may mean hope. Life may be challenging now but this could mean better days ahead. If the angel is carrying food, it may mean that there is a need to nourish the soul. This could mean that you should take some time off to reflect on your spiritual being. Meanwhile, if you become the angel yourself in your dream, they say it may mean that you are inclined to do something good.

If the angel's expression in your dream is serene then it is time to reflect. It is a good time to take a step back and think about your life. If the angel is joyful in your dream, this is a positive sign. It means that you may receive some great news in the near future. When the angel in your dream is sad, it can mean that you are struggling at present. The angel shares your sadness but its presence means that you will eventually get through this. They say if the angel in your dream expresses anger, it means you may have done something that needs to be corrected.

Angels in My Mind

Dreaming of angels more often than not bring peace into our lives. It may be God's way of communication and it is very much welcome. Oftentimes when we are caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday living that we forget our spiritual needs. When angels appear in our dreams, we are reminded of values such as purity, love and hope.

Dreaming of beings so pure can enlighten our hearts to what is important in our lives. God is reaching out to us, and He does this by sending His angels through our dreams. This maybe because we are more receptive when we are asleep. He reminds us that whatever we are feeling right now, He is there watching over all of us.
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